Meat Cuts

At Carseldine Quality Meats we provide you a wide range of quality meat cuts including beef, chicken, goat, lamb and pork. 

Our meat is fresh, delicious and sourced locally, we are proud to be supporting Australian producers. 


Beef/Meat Cuts

 Beef is a wonderfully versatile product, with so many cuts and delicious meal options.  As a rule the more expensive the cut of beef the more tender the meat is, and the faster it will cook.   

Beef Meat Cuts

 The most common types of beef cuts are the:


This cut is made up of parts of the neck, shoulder blade and upper arm.  The chuck/blade beef is a very flavoursome but tough meat. This makes it a good low cost option for ground beef and slow cooked meals including pot roast or beef stew.







Goat Primal Cuts

Lamb Primal Cuts